Jenny Tillotson has a wealth of experience in fashion communication. As a communication tool scent opens up a whole new forum for creative expression which she found has been lacking in the visual arts and media. The sense of smell and its emotional and often visceral effects on our well-being has long been underestimated. Research has focussed on the rather mundane, commercial aspects of the pretend baking smells in supermarkets or the effectiveness of masking body odours for example, because of the relatively clear commercial benefits this might bring

Freebee - 'Scentient Bees'

ScentOrgan Dress at Tate Modern

Sci-Art competition The Wellcome Trust
Re-Cabling Fashion. Professor Andreas Manz, Dr Jenny Tillotson

Launch of Wellness fine fragrance Sense6
Sense6 is one of 6 multi-sensorial fragrances from the Wellness Collection. The fragrance boosts therapeutic dimensions when worn with WELLNESS smart clothing, giving a massaging feel to the body and brain by stimulating the senses. Sponsored by International Flavours & Fragrances

Voluntary Work
1993 -1995 Terrence Higgins Trust ‘buddy’ for people with HIV & AIDS 1994 Allied Medicare Care Assistant for the elderly 1993 - 1994 The Globe Centre, East London - volunteer for people with HIV & AIDS

'Wonderland of Nature' Fashion Show
Jenny Tillotson was the stylist and creative director for the ‘Wonderland of Nature’ Fashion Show. The event was to raise funds for 'War Child' which was the charity set up in 1993 in response to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

Wonder Book