Jenny Tillotson's aim is to introduce interactive smell technology to the forefront of sensory fashion design by bridging the world of art and science into a wondrous explosion of the senses. She is currently working towards an exhibition to be held 2006-7 called 'Scentsory Wonders'

"To me as a scientist, the fashion dimension that Jenny Tillotson brings is crucial because fashion can make technology acceptable and accessible to people everywhere. Radical products take off when there’s a must-have factor. We scientists need fashion, and Jenny is one of the best fashion activists and champions of science."

PPHILIP SAMS BSc PhD FTI Whitespace Productions Unilever R&D Port Sunlight


“The vision and research work of Dr Jenny Tillotson has the potential to provide breakthrough progress in the development of the whole fragrance industry. The application of nanotechnology, microprocessors and biosensors to fragrance development, linked with new insight into the power of fragrance and fragrance ingredients to affect personal well being, have the potential to change the whole way we appreciate and apply fragrances in the future”

JOHN AYRES Fragrance Consultant Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation United Kingdom Director, Pandora Ltd (Consultancy and Training for the Fragrance Industry) ---------

“Jenny Tillotson is a pioneer in the growing science and art of scent design with fashion applications. Human beings are guided by scent far more than we believed in the past, and the principles and techniques.

Dr. Tillotson has devised something which will be of major importance in the future development of fashion scent technology.”

GREG BEAR Writer of more than 30 science fiction and fantasy books including Rogue Planet (part of the Star Wars series, 2000), Slant (1997), Darwins Radio (1999)


• “This general genre' of "nano enhanced techno feng shui smart pheromone fashion" product line has occurred to me, and others, when I was science editor for Mondo 2000 magazine, but it was only a concept for the far future….

To the best of my knowledge, you have taken this concept far further than any one else I have ever seen….”

Charles Ostman VP, Nano Electronics & Photonics Forum chair Senior Consultant, Strategic Synergy Group Senior Fellow, Institute for Global Futures; NanaSig Technical Due-Diligence, Strategic Analysis Development Services