Loose Skin After Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast augmentation

There comes a time when a person may opt for breast augmentation because of various reasons. Breast augmentation may be done simply because you want to make it appear firm, large or you just need it to look different than before. Today, it is a common scenario that is no longer an affair of a celebrity but most ladies out there. In some cases, though not rare loose skin after breast augmentation may happen especially within the breast area. Now, in order to avoid this situation, we often recommend to find the best breast augmentation San Diego, or of course your local area. However, not everyone can afford a top surgeon as the cost of a breast augmentation in San Diego varies. Be sure to find out more information here.

In any case, it should not bother you that much because there is a way out of it if this condition happens to you after undergoing a boob job. The following

Example of What Causes of Loose Skin after the Procedure

1. Aging.

2. The Implants Done.

3. Weight Gain.

4. Weight Loss

How to Deal With the Loose Skin:

Get an Additional Implant

When your breasts are looking saggy after the implant, an option that you should consider is to going for another breast augmentation procedure (implant) that is done via an additional implant and this should rectify the situation.

Breast Lift

People who develop loose skin after breast augmentation should opt for this procedure other the above. The main reason is because an additional implant is known to offer just a short time solution and the same scenario will be noted after sometime. Breast lift will not increase the size of the implants as a solution but will use a different approach. It is based on the fact that increasing the size of the implants will undoubtedly cause it to sag again after a short span. Breast lift on the other hand is a procedure that is a long term remedy for the condition. It will tighten one skin implying that loose skin would be like gone forever. It is therefore best to go for breast lift especially when the shape and size of the boob is not an issue.

Call to Action

It is a fact to state that there exist professionals who have attained the same education but they do not necessarily offer the same end results. Breast surgeons are not an exception hence to avoid loose skin after breast augmentation, one need to be careful when selecting who to perform it. Interested persons who want the procedure done on them should do a thorough fact finding mission about the doctor. Make sure that you consult your doctor for long so that you can be advised on the right step to take.


The above information is sufficient to help you get best results about breast augmentation.


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